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Crochet of Sobble from Pokemon

Last month I was browsing around on internet, as usual, and noticed that Pokemon had just announced 3 new characters which are coming in their new game (Pokemon Sword and Shield) in 2019. Out of the three Pokemon starters that got revealed, the one that got my attention most is the water pokemon called Sobble. He’s actually a lizard, but way cuter than your normal lizard. His whole body is covered in blue and he has a yellow fin on the top of his head.

The cutest thing I like about him is he always looks so sad and worried (am I being apathetic here?! but he looks cute in that way). And recently, I had ordered a few skeins of different blue colors , so I rolled my sleeves, and got the idea to make a Sobble alive in my hands! The fact that there had not been any crafts made about him was a further motivation to try to be one of the first ones to bring him to life.

If you’re interested in making one for yourself, I’ve created a pattern which you can purchase here. It’s suitable for the crocheters who know the basic crochet skills and I’ve tried to make the instructions as clear and easy to follow as possible.

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