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About Me

My Story

Let me tell you how I started my crochet journey……

Who Am I?

I am a crocheter from Hong Kong. I used to fly a lot due to my job as a flight attendant. Now I am a full-time crocheter based in Istanbul, Turkey.

How Did I Meet Crochet?

It all started when my friend brought back a handknitted doll from Tasmania, Australia in 2013. I thought how amazing would it be if I could also handcraft my own dolls, but instead of knitting I fell in love with crochet. But, definitely, I would also love to learn knitting in the coming future.

When Did I Start My Crochet Journey?

Back in the days when I was still flying, I always brought my crochet hooks and yarns with me in my suitcase. I self taught myself over the internet by practice, practice and practice. And now crochet is a huge part of my life. I now hope to share some of my designs with everyone and looking to be a part of the crochet community.