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Basket Weave Stitch Baby Blanket

With my baby almost on the way, I’ve been meaning to finish up my basket weave stitch baby blanket which has been sitting in the drawer for a while. However, it took me some time to look for the baby-friendly materials for the lining part to complete the job.

After some search, I’ve picked this pink fabric with little white flower print on it for lining on the crochet blanket. It’s 100% cotton fabric which is very soft, breathable and machine washable. And of course, the yarn [fibranatura Cottonwood] I’ve used for the crochet blanket is also baby-friendly, it labels itself 100% organic cotton.

I’m not a quick crocheter and sometimes I work on more than one project at the same time, so I don’t remember how many weeks or months I’ve used to complete this blanket. One thing for sure is that crocheting a blanket is a wonderful thing to do during the early stages of pregnancy when you don’t feel like you have energy to do anything but mentally you would still like to do something “useful” instead of just laying down.

I don’t have a sewing machine, so I hand-sewed the lining on the crochet blanket and it did take some time (like a whole day xD), but it was all worth it! With the back up of the lining, the blanket won’t stretch out even after machine washing. I love how the blanket turned out!

*just for your own reference, general baby blanket size is about 76 x 89cm (30″ x 35″).

**If you also want to know how to do the [Basket Weave Stitch], this is the youtube link I used as the reference for my Basket Weave Stitch Baby Blanket. 

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