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I love crochet and I would like to share my crochet journey with you.

Crochet Magic Ring for Beginner

Let’s make the Magic Ring step by step!

Step 1

Roll the yarn around the index finger 2 times to make 2 big loops

Step 2

Insert the hook underneath the 2 big loops.

Step 3

Yarn over, pull the yarn toward the 2 big loops and create a little loop.

Step 4

Hook at the little loop, yarn over again and pull through the little loop.

Step 5

Go under the original 2 big loops, yarn over, pull through the big loops, and see, there are 2 loops on the hook.

Half way to the first stitch on the magic ring!

Step 6

Now, let’s finish the first stitch.

2 loops on the hook, yarn over, pull the yarn through the 2 loops.

Bravo! the first stitch is done!

Step 7

Let’s practise one more time of how to make a stitch on the magic ring.


Step 8

This time we use 6 stitches (it may vary depending on your project) to form the magic ring.  Pull a tail to avoid losing a stitch while tightening the ring.

Step 9

There is another tail which is the beginning of the skein of yarn (A).

Hold A, pull it slighlty till B is half way down (shown as the picture below).

Release A, pull B till C is all the way down.

Release B, pull A tightly.


Step 10

Here you are, this is the magic ring. Depending on your project, you may start by slip stitch or spiral crochet method for the next round.

I hope you find this tutorial useful and help you have a smooth start of your crochet journey! Bon Voyage 🙂